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Free trial includes: Readings 6–7 of Level I, Readings 4–5 of Level II.
Level III coming soon.

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Questions and Answers

Why choose Salt Solutions?

We built Salt Solutions based on extensive research into what CFA candidates want from a study tool. Our work was also informed by our own time as CFA candidates and our years of experience helping users like you succeed on their exams. We fed all of that knowledge into creating this platform to help you prepare efficiently and effectively.

Why can’t I select Level III?

Currently, we offer CFA exam Level I and Level II content and plan to offer Level III soon. Receive updates on our progress by joining our mailing list.

How often do you update content?

As needed. Our dedicated team of talented folks works every day to create new content, improve current content, and keep our eyes on the ongoing changes to the CFA Institute curriculum. We may also change or update content based on your feedback.

What happens to my subscription after my exam date?

We automatically put your subscription on hold when you reach your exam date. You can start back up any time by simply logging in and reactivating.