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Welcome to Salt Solutions, a thoughtfully designed tool to work alongside you and the CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem.

Prepare for your CFA® exams, partner with our versatile team of experts, and receive an exceptional learning experience on your way to becoming a charterholder.

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Your CFA charter starts here.

Your CFA charter starts here.

Life is busy. We know CFA preparation is another commitment. But the effort is worth it, and if you're here, you're ready.

At Salt Solutions, we're here to help you learn independently and remove the barriers to your progress.

Built for You

From the start, we designed our platform to meet your needs, get out of your way, and make the most of your time.

Passing It On

All the material you’ll study is created and taught by our small, passionate team of educators with decades of experience.

More Than a Tool

Experience a platform crafted by educators, content creators, designers, developers, multimedia engineers, and other experts.

Exclusive Analytics

Stay motivated with statistics and infographics that help you assess your preparation and compare your progress to other users.

Simplify your studying with CheckPoints.

Simplify your studying with CheckPoints.

No need to micromanage your study schedule. Our CheckPoints tool gives you prescribed weekly goals to focus your studies and keep you on pace.

This systematic approach helps you feel prepared for your assessments and exams and takes the stress out of making progress.

More Points, Higher Priority

Crucial exam topics are weighted with more CheckPoints to empower you to decide where to spend your time.

Engaged Progression

Get the satisfaction of checking off items, earning CheckPoints, and continually moving forward.

Complete Confidence

Use the CheckPoints dashboard to see a global breakdown of your accomplishments and check your overall progress.

Find success in our Solutions.

Find success in our Solutions.

We believe our Solutions are the key to your success. Through in-depth content alongside each question, we give you the process and context for each answer.

This extra layer of learning assures you’re well-prepared.

Holistic Approach

We create the questions, the answers, and the Solutions, so we can guarantee quality start to finish.

Full-Spread Support

Every question comes with a Solution, for a total of 1,600 written Solutions and 220 video Solutions.

More Complex, More Content

Tougher concepts feature both a written Solution and a dedicated video Solution, so you know when and where to dig deeper.

Discuss the Difficult

Each question you answer comes with its own discussion forum. Directly interact with content creators and get questions answered.


Why Salt Solutions?

More Studying, Less Thinking

Our scheduler adjusts your weekly goals based on the days left before your exam. Focus on what matters most. Worry less about what to do next.

Respect for Your Time

Each piece of content includes a time estimate for completion and comprehension. Figure out how to fit your studying in and spend your hours wisely.

Expertise You Can Trust

All video lessons are taught by Mike Carmody, a CFA charterholder and educator with 20+ years of experience. Mike also writes much of the material you study.

Easy on the Eyes

We’ve intentionally designed our platform for use in low-light situations, since many CFA students do their studying late at night.

Answers Within Reach

Our Solutions content, discussion forums, and extensive manual ensure you always find the answer to your questions.

Never Get Lost

Our platform features simple, efficient navigation, so you’re never far away from where you need to be in the material.

What users like you have to say

It will be a long road [to my CFA exam] so the support the platform can give me is invaluable.


Salt Solutions demonstrates the STUNNING visuals I wanted to help me consume and digest the material.

Dan K.

I love the interface … I found the apps easy to navigate and the background doesn’t strain my eyes.


I love how the lessons are 'simplified' without compromising the quality of the content. The videos after the readings are also great to enhance understanding [and] help retain information.

Tasnim Sghair

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