Our Process, Your Success

The CFA® exam is tough but not impossible. We’ve designed our platform to help you overcome the challenges CFA candidates often face. And we have the process you need to pass.

5 Steps to Your Exam

Let’s preview the steps you’ll take before exam day and explore how Salt Solutions is your partner in CFA preparation.

Step One
Show Up

It’s said 80% of success in life is just showing up. That’s true here, too. We present you with the plan and resources you need to succeed, so you can focus on learning.

Weekly goals

Weekly goals aligned with your exam day ensure you know what you need to accomplish and break the material up into small, manageable chunks.

User dashboard

Your user dashboard displays how far along you are in the material, compared to where you need to be. Stay current on your progress and verify you’re on pace.

CheckPoints system

Our CheckPoints system weights the most important topics with the most points, so you know the best ways to spend your time.

Step Two
Study the Material

All Salt Solutions learning material is created in-house, from our online manual to our video lessons and assignments. We believe our material is among the best in the market, and we offer you two primary ways to learn, so you can choose what works best for you.


Online Manuals

Creator experience

Every word is written by our content creators, who have years of teaching experience and extensive financial expertise.

CFA curriculum

Our manuals encompass every topic in the CFA Institute curriculum and bring the toughest concepts to life.

Continually improved

Our online manuals are continually improved based on user feedback and current practices.

Video lessons

Video Lessons

Modern visuals

Recorded in our studios, our videos feature clean, modern visuals to hold your attention.

Video examples

Our videos are short, to the point, and feature rich examples.

Speed controls

Speed controls let you view videos at your pace. Get through the material as quickly or slowly as you please.

Closed captioning

We personally review and correct closed captioning for accessibility and accuracy.

HD downloads

Each video is available to download in high definition, so you can watch offline.

Step-by-step solutions

Animated step-by-step solutions clarify concepts and maximize your understanding.

Step Three
Learn by Doing

Once you’ve learned the material, it’s time to practice. Our assignments put your knowledge to the test and give you a feel for your exam in advance.

Assignment questions

All 1,600 assignment questions are written in-house by our experienced educators and tailored to each reading.

Compare user answers

Our analytics allow you to compare your progress with other users to boost your motivation and identify your weaknesses.

Go deeper

Our Solutions content goes deeper for topics that are more important or more difficult. You’ll see how to find answers yourself.

Step Four
Build Your Confidence

Repeating the first three steps is the foundation to your success. However, we have additional resources in step 4 to enhance your preparation and build your confidence.

Supplementary material

From formula sheets to general study tips, we provide a variety of supplemental material to help you along.

Answer your questions

Our discussion forums connect you with our instructors, content creators, and other users. Get your questions answered.

Created for you

Our thought pieces introduce you to our insights on CFA preparation. Learn why we created this tool for you.

Step Five
Begin Your Assessments

Congratulations! By this point, you will have completed 100% of the material you need for CFA exam preparation. You should feel confident to move forward and take mock exams and quizzes at the CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem.

Heads up

Based on a timeframe you choose, we will notify you to start your assessments at the
CFA Institute’s Learning Ecosystem.

CFA Institute

Our materials are aligned with the CFA Institute’s curriculum to simplify finding relevant content. All manuals and videos are searchable.

Here to help

If you have questions, we’re here to help. Reach out to our instructors and get involved on the discussion boards.

Ready to get started? Gain Exclusive Beta Access

If you’re ready to start your CFA journey with Salt Solutions, you can start with our free Beta for Level I right now. Or, contact us if you have any questions.