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The CFA® exam is difficult but not impossible. Every feature of our platform is devoted to strengthening your understanding and building your confidence.

The Journey Ahead

In Phase 1, our Learn dashboard shows you what you need to accomplish to stay on pace. Divide and conquer with weekly CheckPoints goals that break the curriculum up into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Your studies start here.

Your Pathway to Passing

We prepare you in two phases: Learn and Focus. Each phase features a unique dashboard, study materials, and analytics to keep your attention where it needs to be.

Phase 1
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You'll spend most of your preparation time here.

Our approach to learning gives you the confidence and understanding to solve any question you encounter.

Online manuals feature simplified explanations of CFA topics. All content is written by Salt Solutions educators and experts.

Video lessons are produced in our studios and meticulously crafted, from script writing to closed captioning.

Solutions explain concepts step-by-step. Tougher questions get video Solutions that are as rigorously quality controlled as our video lessons.

Assignment questions are tailored to each topic and reinforce what you’ve learned. Quickly assess if you’re good to move on.

Phase 2
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The final stretch before your exam sitting.

Our review and assessment phase removes the clutter and helps you stay focused on the important stuff.

Review materials give you a quick-paced refresher on each reading. Look back on everything you’ve learned before moving forward.

Our quiz creator lets you build custom quizzes around any topic or reading. Target areas where you need support to gain confidence.

Practice exams match the look, feel, and language of the actual exam. Get detailed results to show you where you can improve.

Solutions are provided for each and every question, from quizzes to practice exams. Always know how to find the answers yourself.

Simplifying Your Journey

Our simplified approach to CFA preparation comes to life in our two-phase process. Mike Carmody, lead instructor of Salt Solutions, explains:

Preparing you is what we do

Eighty percent of success in life is just showing up. That’s true here, too. We present you with the plan and resources you need to succeed, so you can focus on learning.

Candidate First

From the start, we designed our platform to meet your needs, get out of your way, and make the most of your time.

In-House Quality

All the material you’ll study is created and taught by our dedicated, passionate team of educators with decades of experience.

Exclusive Analytics

Stay motivated with statistics and infographics that help you assess your preparation and compare your progress to other users.

Designed to Motivate

We keep you moving with weekly goals and step-by-step plans that let you know where you stand on the long journey to CFA success.

Applied Understanding

We have taken the CFA journey ourselves, and we know what it will require of you. Our platform is built around that lived expertise.

Here to Support You

If you have questions, we’re here to help. Work with Salt Solutions instructors by getting involved on the discussion boards.

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